What is LILTA?

Latinos are the fastest growing cultural group in the United States. This trend has become evident in many school districts across Long Island. However, the statistics indicate that there is a wide achievement gap, which contributes to a high retention and/or dropout rate within this group.

LILTA was established as a nonprofit organization comprised of committed educators and supporters of education, who advocate for high quality education in order to increase graduation rates and higher education enrollment and completion.

Our Board is working within the educational system and school community to address the common risk factors that impact the academic outcomes of the Latino student population and other ethnic groups.


LILTA members seek to

  • Protect students from discriminatory practices and procedures.
  • Promote equal access of educational opportunities.
  • Make efforts to increase the diversity in the teaching profession.
  • Celebrate, appreciate, and promote diversity throughout all areas of the educational system.
  • Work in partnership with the community and other civic groups.
  • Encourage family involvement in the school experience.
  • Inform and educate our communities.


The Long Island Latino Teachers Association (LILTA) is a not for profit organization with the mission to increase graduation rates and higher education enrollment, retention and completion for all students.

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LILTA advances its mission by providing the following programs and conferences:

LILTA offers two high school conferences: Women Leaders Paving Paths for Young Women and Men Leaders Paving Paths for Young Men . These two conferences recruit diverse groups of outstanding and successful professional women and men who share with students their passion, college preparation, and career paths. They are respected leaders in different fields such as the arts, education, social work, medicine, health, science, technology, communications, journalism, law, sports, politics and business. Their stories inspire students to complete  their secondary studies and obtain a college degree. We believe that once they have accomplished that, they will continue to pave the path of success for their families, communities and future generations.

LILTA in collaboration with Stony Brook University and the Patchogue-Medford Public Library as well as the Central Islip Public Library offers a one week STEAM/Social Justice project -based learning experience. to middle school students entering grades 7 and 8. The program seeks to develop STEAM, civic and language arts skills through learning opportunities and to increase STEM career awareness along with the Declaration of Human Rights for children.

LILTA awards ten scholarships each year to high school, undergraduate and/or graduate students majoring or pursuing a degree in education. We have awarded more than $50,000 in scholarships to help increase diversity in the teaching profession.

LILTA is committed to appreciate and celebrate the many different countries and cultures of our Latinos and other minority students. Thus, we support and sponsor different events such as the Puerto Rican and Hispanic Day Parade, the Salsa and Arts Festival in Brentwood and the LILTA Hispanic Heritage Celebration.


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